Helping clients to prosper through effective Accounting,
Auditing, Reviews, Tax Planning and Preparation.

What we do

Backoffice Support

We provide complete back office support and helpdesk solution. Commitment to excellence is our credo.

Callcenter Services

We are more focused on delivering true customer values, by providing them quality work in cost effective manner.

Help Desk Solution

Our knowledge of vast range of handling outsourcing projects makes us capable to handle them and execute properly.

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Our Industry Services

SureTouchLeads is a leading back office & helpdesk organization formed by a team of professionals to render services with a professional touch & different in style.

Home Security

Security and Protection system for Homes, are of various means or devices like CCTV, Burglar alarms, Fire alarms, metal detectors etc, designed to guard persons…

Home Improvement

Whether your home is in need of repair or you simply wish to change up its look, our home renovation team is always more than…


We know how vexing it can be to have a malfunctioning solar energy system. We also know how to fix them! We provide immediate and…


Auto warranties are seldomly available on vehicles outside of the factory warranty.


Our Insurance BPO support service includes car / automobile insurance, health insurance, homeowner insurance and others.


We work with originators, servicers, mortgage insurance companies and other mortgage-focused businesses to deliver a wide range of services across the mortgages